Change & Grow VM Hard Disk

We are right now in the need of resizing all of our Hard Disks on the Virtual Desktop VMs from 40GB to 60GB.
I was looking quite some time to find the appropriate command and this is how you do it:

Get-HardDisk -vm "VMName" | where {$_.Name -eq "Hard Disk 1"} | Set-HardDisk –CapacityKB 62914560 -ResizeGuestPartition -Confirm:$false

A little bit of extra information (we ran into some issues performing this):

The second part of the script (Set-Harddisk) actually calls a library function that is using the “Invoke-VMScript” command.

You need to have following privileges on the vCenter System to execute it.
VirtualMachine.GuestOperations.Modify and VirtualMachine.GuestOperations.Execute.



This script makes it even more comfortable. You provide a list of desktops in the input file and it will do all of them in one run. After that you will see a report of the changes in the output file.

Import-Csv -Header Desktop "hdd-increase-input.csv" | foreach-object { Get-HardDisk -vm $_.Desktop | where {$_.Name -eq "Hard disk 1"} | Set-HardDisk –CapacityKB 62914560 -ResizeGuestPartition -Confirm:$false
Write-host "-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------" -foregroundColor White -backgroundColor DarkGreen
} | export-csv "hdd-increase-output.csv"

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