View Agent | The JVM has aborted

On View desktops that have HP QuickTest Professional installed, View Agent fails (2036437)


When HP QuickTest Professional software is installed on a View desktop, View Agent stops running and cannot communicate with View Connection Server. As a result, users cannot access the View desktop.
In the view agent logs, you see entries similar to:

T09:50:47.588-05:00 WARN (0870-0874) <Main Thread> [] Error occurred during initialization of VM
T09:50:47.588-05:00 WARN (0870-0874) <Main Thread> [] Could not find agent library jvmhook on the library path, with error: Can’t load IA 32-bit .dll on a AMD 64-bit platform
T09:50:47.588-05:00 WARN (0870-0874) <Main Thread> []
T09:50:47.588-05:00 FATAL (0870-0874) <Main Thread> [] The JVM has aborted.
T09:50:47.744-05:00 INFO (03E0-0838) <JavaBridge> [wsnm_jmsbridge] wsnm_jms died, restarting in a minute

Note: For more information on View Agent log locations, see Location of VMware View log files (1027744).

This issue occurs because HP QuickTest Professional sets the following environment variables on the desktop virtual machine:

When View Agent loads the jvm.dll, it attempts to load the libraries specified by these environment variables. When View Agent cannot load the specified libraries, it fails.


After installing HP QuickTest Professional, remove the following environment variables from the virtual machine that you will use to create desktop pools:

After removing these environment variables, install View Agent.

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