:: PowerCLI | Remove VMs

:: PowerCLI | Remove VMs

Just a quick script from me that will help delete a bunch of VMs.
You need to have a list with all computer names in a .txt or .csv file for that.

Uncomment the get-credential part if you are not running the ISE with your admin that has access to the vCenter server.

.SYNOPSIS Removes a VM from View and vCenter 
.EXAMPLE get-content "list-of-machines.csv" | remove-vm.ps1 
.EXAMPLE remove-vm.ps1 vm1 
.EXAMPLE remove-vm.ps1 vm1, vm2, vm3 
.PARAMETER VM One or more Virtual Machine names 
[CmdletBinding()]param([Parameter(Mandatory=$True,ValueFromPipeline=$True)][string[]]$VM ) 

  $ErrorActionPreference = "Stop" 

  ForEach ($a in $VM) { 
    try { 
      remove-vm -vm $a -DeletePermanently -confirm:$false 
      Write-Output "$a successful!" 

catch { 
  $ErrorMessage = $_.Exception.Message 
  Write-Output $ErrorMessage 
  Write-Output "$a failed!" 

finally {} 
END {}